No Hoax

My initial reaction seems to be confirmed – the PC Gamer baseball roundup has been sighted by multiple sources. Now, I have not actually seen it yet, but people that I trust are telling me it’s true.

Let me be very clear about something. Low score or not, I am only playing OOTPB 2006. Actually, I am playing OOTP 6.5 much more since none of my leagues are using OOTPB 2006, but I am still playing the latest version. I am NOT playing Baseball Mogul or Puresim. And I would play OOTP 6.5 before I played Baseball Mogul. Puresim is probably more interesting as a solo player game than OOTP 6.5, but I don’t do solo play much these days.

So I do understand some of Markus “Raging Bull” Heinsohn’s disgust with the review process. He is trying to solve a complex mathematics equation while the competition puts forth their nice solution to 1+1 and 2+2. Is it fair that the other developers are answering “2” and “4” while his equation remains unsolved? Yes it is because Mr. Heinsohn (or maybe more accurately Sports Interactive) could have waited until he had a correct answer before releasing the game.


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