At Last – Atlanta Falcons Season Ticket Holder

“Welcome to the Atlanta Falcons season ticket holder family.  This is a letter confirming that you have purchased 4 season tickets for the 2008 Atlanta Falcons season.  By paying your $100 per seat deposit on your credit card today, you have ensured a seat for the upcoming season.”

With that, 4.5+ years on the waiting list is finally over.  In that period of time, I moved, renovated my grandmother’s house, had a third kid, and probably did some other stuff not worth mentioning on this blog.  I am surprised they found me – my email was outdated, my address was wrong, my phone number was old.  Thankfully, my work number was still the same.  I guess that shows that they were desperate to get new season ticket holder blood, and I folded like a lawn chair at the chance to throw down my deposit.

I told the nice lady on the phone that I could only afford the “cheap” seats (something like $250 per ticket), but I am happy that my number finally came up.  Thanks to Vick for running off the faithful and bumping me up on the waiting list.

My time has come.  Color me a Falcon!


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