Nintendo DS Comes Home

I picked up a Nintendo DS this morning at Best Buy. The Best Buy part is not really important except for the fact that I hate those bastards, but there I was shopping for a DS, and a iPod Nano. So much for the protest.

The iPod Nano is a Mother’s Day present for Tonya. That should get me a couple of brownie points. She has been asking for an iPod for months, but she does not really care which one as long as it is pink . I went with a 1GB white unit; I am sure she will not object too much.

The DS is for my son’s 2nd Grade graduation present, and to help keep the peace on our beach trip next. I decided to get him Mario Kart DS, and nothing else. Tonya and I decide that Joshua can pick up a game of his choice while we are on vacation in FL; that should be a heck of a treat for him.

The reality of this purchase is that I am really looking forward to trying out the DS, and of course I have secret plans to buy Ages of Empires and maybe a couple of other titles such as New Super Mario Brothers, Brain Age, Metroid Prime Hunters, and Tetris DS. Did I say a couple?

I almost picked up Burnout Legends (discounted to $19.99), but I finally decided that Mario Kart plus picking out a game in FL was more then enough gaming reward.

As a final note, in my opinion a good parent will make sure a new system is charged and fully functionally prior to a 4-hour car trip and an even better parent will check out the content of any games prior to their children getting their grubby hands on said games. Sure there are game ratings and such, but one can never be too diligent. Just one man’s opinion and what I consider a solid game plan. I am sure Tonya will see through my veiled attempt at Good Parenting 101.


2 thoughts on “Nintendo DS Comes Home”

  1. DS Lite is suppose to be due in June for $129.

    Apparently people prefer the newer form factor.

    I’ve seen people on some long flights playing the PSP. But I think the DS with superior battery life would be a better bet. Found myself playing some stupid puzzle game on the in-flight entertainment unit so the game selection on a DS should be much greater.

  2. wco81 – I came close to waiting on the newer DS, but I figured my son would not care (he will be 8 in Aug). Besides, if I really like the DS, it will give me a reason to pick up a DS Lite.

    I have done the PSP thing on a 10 hour flight. You have to have 2 battery packs if you are going to go for most of the flight. If nothing else, Sony needs to come up with a version of the PSP for those of us that take long flights!

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