Vick to call his own plays

What’s the world coming to Michael Vick is being handed more responsibility, which is something that the previous staff did not think Vick could handle.

“We’re going to put it all on him,” the new coach [Petrino] said Friday while making the rounds at the Super Bowl media center.  “It’s new to him, but he’s excited about the challenge.  I think that’s the way you train a quarterback.” [source:  AP]

Is it somewhat odd that a six-year QB needs to be “trained” – seems somewhat like an insult to me.

I always wondered why the Mora did not like Vick make adjustments at the line.  Was it because the staff did not think Vick could handle the responsibility?  Was it because they did not think Vick had a solid grasp of the offense?  Some other reason?

The other interesting part of Petrino’s quote is that he is going to “put it all on [Vick]” – be careful of what you ask for Vick, you just might get it after all.

Most of us Falcons fans have a love-hate relationship with Vick.  We love his athletic ability – he can make crazy plays – but we continue to be frustrated with his inability to progress as a QB.  At the end of the day, we want the Falcons to win, and if Vick can turn it around, we will all be happy.  The question is can Vick really take the Falcons to the next level?


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