Sleepless In Columbus

After that last post I figured I better let everyone know that, yes in fact, I can run a quarter-mile.

So it is 3AM in Columbus and I am wide freaking awake. I guess the good news is that I should be plenty ready for European GP qualifying later this morning. I have not followed F1 too closely after last year; did not like all the rule changes in the first place, but after the Indy debacle last June, what was the point? I have watched a few minutes of a couple of races this year with a cautiously optimistic outlook. Not sure if the love will ever really come back.

I typically do not write much about work in these pages. It looks like that sort of thing can get you fired these days; not necessarily at my company, but I have seen enough news items to know it is a dangerous game to play. Besides, people from work get a few giggles from my musings every now and again. Hiring managers is hard work and full of stress. It is interesting to see how much something like that can weigh on you (a sack of bricks worth if you are keeping score) because you never really know what you are going to get until the person is actually in the office making decisions. If I hire well, my life gets much easier, but a hiring mistake means things will be not so easy. Moving on to something more fun I guess…

My gaming time has been filled with two OOTPB online leagues, and portable gaming bliss on the PSP. These days Winning Eleven and Colin McRae are occupying my time, with a splash of Namco classics throw in for good measure. If you are a fan of the PSX classic Colin McRae 2.0, you have to own the PSP McRae. Wonderful game; import it today.

Too bad there are no more margaritas in the blender. Will try to catch a couple of Zs and get back to a regular posting schedule.


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