PS3 repairs.

I finally decided it was time to send in the PS3 for repairs. The inconsistency of the Blu-ray reader was driving me nuts. Sometimes games would work, sometimes they would not. When you want to watch a movie or play a game, you (or at least I) want to do it right away. I do not want to try to insert a disc five different times, trick the reader by holding on to the disc, or turning the PS3 on its sides. Enough already.

The bad part is that this repair will set me back $157.94 ($149.00 for the service plus $8.94 for taxes). It also looks like I am going to have to put my original HDD back into the system. According to Sony,

SCEA will send you a package via courier service that contains a customized shipping box for you to pack your system, a prepaid shipping label addressed to our service facility, and documents with detailed instructions on how to pack and return your system. When we receive your system and confirm that the service request matches the system’s condition, we will send you a factory certified replacement. The replacement system will be functionally equivalent to your system when new and will be free from cosmetic defects. Please be sure that all games and movie discs, media cards, and any other peripherals are removed. The service center will not be able to research any missing items we did not request. SCEA is not responsible for any systems that are lost, misdirected or damaged during the shipping process

I damn sure better get back another 60GB original model CECHA01 – the one with the emotion engine for PS2 emulation and full PSX backwards compatibility.

More updates to come.


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