Speaking of Intelligent QBs

The Atlanta Falcons just did some shady bookkeeping with Vick’s contract:

The bookkeeping transaction has no impact on Vick, since he would have received the $7 million whether it was treated as a roster bonus or as a signing bonus. The five-year veteran and Pro Bowl performer is due to earn a 2006 base salary of $1.4 million.

Vick, 25, signed what amounted to a 10-year, $130 million contract, which runs through 2014, late in the 2004 season. But the final season of the contract has already been voided, making the contract a nine-year deal worth approximately $118 million. The contract, which included an initial signing bonus of $7.5 million, features $37 million in guarantees.

Included in those guarantees was the $7 million roster bonus Vick will collect this month.

Not sure what all this means other than you have to be a f’ing genius to understand NFL cap rules.


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