Petrol in the Air

Ah, the sweet, sweet smell of spring. F1 is back in action. I am really nothing close to a gear-head, but I love me some Formula 1. The new 2005 rules should make for an interesting year. It is going to be fun having Villeneuve back full time.


3 thoughts on “Petrol in the Air”

  1. Feels like yesterday that I was sat watching the Suzuka race, for some reason. Either way, 2005 looks like it’ll be fun, even if I don’t like certain of the rule changes.

    First ever cheap Simo pimp – got a big preview thing running at my blog if you’re interested, mate. Looks a bit like the sort of thing I intended to do for CG last year. Enjoy Melbourne – only 3 hours to go.


  2. Adam – good to hear from you. Doubt I will check out the preview until tomorrow morning. I have less than 3 mins to go for taped qualifying (session 2), and I have avoided all web sites today so I would not be cheated out of the experience.

    I am not wild about all the rules, but happy to see something a little different.

    Round 1 should be fun; better get another Fosters ready!

  3. JC, that’s probably the best way to read the preview – gives you a chance to laugh at it now you know what happened. My defence is that I’m previewing a whole year, not one race, so I might end up being right yet…

    I dare say you knew anything F1 related was guaranteed to get a comment from me…you found La Sarthe yet, mate?


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