Happy March!

Welcome to a new month of bliss. Fun stuffs in store – college basketball tournaments galore about the only time I pay attention to college basketball. Spring Training is in full swing, and that little something called the World Baseball Classic is actually going to make baseball intense in the otherwise calm, warm weather days of camp. The NFL is exploding on itself with serious labor issues – not sure what this means to the Falcons, but rumor has it that Dunn is done, which would serious suck.

USA beats Poland 1-0 today in a friendly; did not get to see it because I was doing the work thing, and no sort recorder for me.

My wife picked up the PSP version of Winning Eleven Soccer for me; what a nice wife. Hope to get a few mins with it after I get the kids to bed. Wonder if I can get her to do the same with MLB 06 tomorrow?

Currently reading “2006 Gamer’s Tome of Ultimate Wisdom” and “The Hardball Times Baseball Annual 2006″ – more on each later, but both are worth a purchase.

Happy March!


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