Videogameless …

Surprisingly no withdrawal symptoms. My TV is sitting on the floor in the living room because the entertainment center (where the TV sat at my old house) is in my kids’ room. All my videogame systems and games are in various boxes in the front bedroom.

I keep thinking I am going to get something out fairly soon, but it seems like there is always something more pressing. I have had a desire to play some Gran Turismo, NCAA Football, and Colin McRae Rally PSP, but that is about as far as it has gone. Should be interesting to see how long this sabbatical lasts.

Of course I am still playing OOTP in the IOSBL, but that is about it. I just found my Football Manager game, so hopefully I will have time to get it loaded and this new laptop. And I keep thinking about getting into Civilization or Ages of Empires, but I am afraid that I will spending way too much time playing games if it ever comes to that.


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