Still Seeking Bowl Perfection

For the last several years I have attempted to see some of every college bowl game played, but each year I come up short. I profess to be a huge college football fan, so what gives?

We could start with the fact that there are just too damn many bowl games. This year there are an amazing 28 games! There is also this thing called “having a life,” but thankfully my wife understands (or puts up with) my passion for football.

My goal is simple to watch a few minutes of every bowl game. I am not out to do the impossible; I am not trying to watch entire games. Instead I just attempt to watch at least 10 minutes of each game. This allows me the satisfaction of seeing a ton of college football, but also allows me to have a life at Christmas. Seriously, was anyone outside of Kansas and Houston looking forward to the Fort Worth Bowl?

This year I was on track for my perfect season, spending quality TV viewing time with the New Orleans Bowl, the GMAC Bowl, and the Las Vegas Bowl. Then my quest failed at the hands of the 10PM EST kickoff of the Poinsettia Bowl (say what?). Yes, the Poinsettia got the best of me; ruined my perfect season. It was just too late for me to watch after spending a week at Disney, and seven or so hours in the car.

My need for excellence keeps me motivated. Fort Worth Bowl, Hawaii Bowl, Motor City Bowl, Champs Sports, and Insight Bowl have earned me an 88% bowl viewing achievement record for the 2005 season. The next few days hold some serious obstacles moving day is the 30th, and cable is going to be installed at the new house (sometime) on the 30th. It is going to be a hard road, but worth ever minute of my quest for (near) perfection.


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