Damn Falcons

I was going to write about the Falcons yesterday (or earlier this morning), but being in the Christmas spirit I decided to give it a rest. I am not really in the mood to do this now, but it has to be said – the Falcons are a bitter disappointment this year.

It seems like ages ago when I wrote about the Falcons having a decent chance at the playoffs and back-to-back winning seasons for the first time in franchise history, but all that went down the tubes this week at the hands of the Bears and Bucs.

I really thought the Falcons had the game (against Tampa Bay) locked up, but once it went to overtime I knew our goose was cooked. I missed the overtime debacle, instead attending our church’s candlelight service. After church, listening to ESPN radio, I learned of the disappointment – Atlanta had been all but eliminated from the playoffs.

The Falcons can salvage some pride next week by beating the Panthers, but a victory will be fairly hollow. Yes, back-to-back winning seasons would be nice, but it should have come along with a trip to the playoffs.

Wait ’till next year (again)!


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