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I’ll be on vacation for two weeks, so my entries may be spotty. My oldest daughter is choosing a college over our break and we’ll be visiting every major university in Florida. We’re also going to Athens to visit the University of Georgia. As a former University of Florida employee, something about having a daughter as a bulldog just doesn’t seem right. But it’s her choice.

Diamond Mind Baseball is shipping its 2005 season disk and 2006 Bill James Handbook.

Grey Dog Software released version 1.02 of Bowl Bound College Football.

Jim Gindin lives! There is a sale going on for those that want to check out the aging Front Office Football 2004 and The College Years. There’s even a new entry on the Solecismic web site that claims, gasp, that a new sports product will be developed duirng 2006. Could be football, could be something else, but who knows?

There’s a new Football Manager 2006 article that discusses how to select your club.

Finally, .400 Software Studios is officially dead. Although most of them were re-born over at Grey Dog Software and they will offically pull the plug on January 1st, 2006.

Lots of text gaming activity today!


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