PS3 downloads in slow-mo?

My PS3 has always seemed to download content slowly; too slowly for my liking. My wireless network seems to be pretty quick, at least for my laptops, but not so much for my PS3. I have thought about it enough to consider wiring up the PS3 directly to a router to see if I can get a much needed boost in performance.

To make matters worse, according to this article, it appears that the PS3 is no longer downloading content in the background while games are playing. [As this article went to press, the link was removed. Not sure if it is because the contents are inaccurate, negative reaction from readers, etc.]

So if you are downloading multiple things from the PS Store in the background such as a movie, and some demos, whichever thing you started first will download completely and then the next thing. The thing that aggravates that though is that apparently any background downloads completely stops once you launch a game, if it has an online component. What the?

That would explain why it took so long to download some of the recent E3 videos and June edition of Qore. I need to test this myself and see if this article is accurate.


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