MLB 08 The Show – 14 innings impressions

I picked up MLB 08 on Good Friday, but just got around to unwrapping the game yesterday.  I played one and a half innings of quick start games.

Braves vs. Royals – everything on default settings.  I only made it through five innings before having to turn the game off to take the family out.  I was done 4-0, and not doing so hot; three singles and no one past second base.  The KC home crowed booed when my big bats came to the plate, and added an extra does of “Larry, Larry, Larrrrrry” to egg on Chipper.

Pirates vs. Braves – moved to the game to rookie (so I suck, sue me), and turned on some of the batting enhancements (i.e. hot zone stuff).  This one turned out better for me.  First, I was able to finish the game.  Second, I won 4-1.  I am not sure if I would call these problems, but I am already tired of the commentary; they got a couple of things wrong.  I had 12 singles; no extra base hits.  That may be because I have not read the manual to see how to advance runners to try to leg out a hit.  I thought the game was set to allow CPU assisted base running; if it is, the AI is not very aggressive.  I accidentally sent a running on an ill advised steal attempt of second base, and I accidentally tried to leg out a triple.  I do not think the hit was recorded as a double; if not, that is another minor bug.

I thought the game had in-game saves; I am sure I read that on one of the tips.  I could not find an option to save my game.  Maybe the feature is only for season mode?  My game displays in 720p, which is odd because the back of the back states the game supports 1080p, and my TV does some beautiful 1080p.  Once again, if there was an option to change the display, I could not find the setting.

After 14 innings I am left with a nice warm fuzzy feeling.  Baseball is back – Braves take on the Nationals tonight on ESPN, in what has to be considered the real opening day (none of that Land of the Rising Sun opening day stuff for me).  The game is incredible deep; I am going to have to at least look at the manual to figure out the controls.  After passing on last year’s Show, I am sure this year’s edition is going to provide me with a summer of fun.


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