Well, that was embarrassing, and then painful.

Ouch. Not sure what else I can say about the good ole fashion ass whipping Florida put on Georgia to the tune of 49-10. The better team won, but I will say that I hope Georgia sends the game tape to the SEC office, because there were some seriously piss poor calls. I do not think a better officiated game would have changed the results, but the score could have been a lot different.

Painful loss for Texas, which culminated in a weak effort by a Texas defender trying to stop Crabtree on the final play of the game. It is one thing to defend a perfectly thrown ball, it is another think to push someone four inches out of bounds. Just like that, Texas’ dream season came to a crashing halt at the hands of the Raid Raiders, 39-33.

Bummer of a college football weekend.


One thought on “Well, that was embarrassing, and then painful.”

  1. Florida looks like it can run the table. May not finish in the top 2 though.

    If Tech runs the table they deserve to end up in the championship game.

    But in the end, SC and Florida may be the best teams.

    Some 49er fans are wary that the team may try to draft Tebow, another Urban Meyer QB.

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