PureSim Observations

I am pretty impressed with the progress made from the last PureSIm version I played. The game seemed to have potential, but I never stuck around to play a full season because there was so much missing from the game. There are still features that need to be added. However, PureSim offers some advantages for solo players that Out of the Park Baseball does not. Yes, OOTP has things like waivers, designate for assignment lists, and pick trading, but not all of it works as advertised. Pick trading is broken for those that try to trade picks post the June 1st draft (for example).

PureSim wins the on the field presentation battle. It is much more visually engaging and there are even some neat sound effects. Creating a stadium in PureSim is nicely done. The dimensions used in OOTP stadiums have no impact on the game results as far as I can tell. Not so in PureSim.

PureSim’s major weaknesses include lack of a waiver wire and some statistics that should be reported. Some statistics, like the WHIP, are calculated as part of the “PSPN” league news report. The problem is that these really should be reported for every player. RIght and left handed splits are only calculated and reported for average.

Multiplayer leagues are very easy to run. Missing is the ability to generate html reports for your league. This is a huge omission and seriously limits the ability of multiplayer leagues to run fancy PureSim based web sites.

I am convinced that Shaun Sullivan will respond to feedback. Great things are coming with PureSim and I highly encourage baseball career gaming fans to purchase a copy. It won’t replace OOTP on my hard drive, but I will play both.


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