Sometimes developers outdo themselves. Just when you think you’ve seen all of the crappy ideas for games, a new one surfaces that is quite amazing. Here is what Sony planned on competing against Madden with according to Gamespot:

“Road to Sunday wasn’t just about football–it featured some elements that, while incredibly venturous, could alienate the hardcore football crowd. The storyline saw gamers take on the managerial position of a football team after the former owner, the protagonist’s father, mysteriously died in a yacht explosion. The gambling-addicted son owed a truckload of gambling debts to a Jamaican kingpin and saw the team as a way of recouping some of his lost cash and digging himself out of a financial hole.”

Grand Theft Auto: Meadowlands? Good grief. Fortunately somebody at Sony finally put down the pipe and canceled this abomination.


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  1. Thank goodness; that abomination was going no where fast, so there was really no point in moving forward with a release.

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