I hate CBS (or how they f’up a perfect race day)

I hate CBS. Really. They absolutely f’ing suck. I love the Sunday before Memorial Day when the racing gods give us the Monaco GP, followed by the Indy 500, followed by some circle racing at the Coca-Cola 600.

By why enjoy a good thing CBS? Instead of getting racing for breakfast, lunch, and supper, CBS is going to show the Monaco GP on tape delay at 12:30PM EST, so it will overlap with the Indy 500. Good deal.

CBS sucks!


2 thoughts on “I hate CBS (or how they f’up a perfect race day)”

  1. I am so pissed about this CBS tape delay crap. I could live with the delay if they scheduled it at a different time, but why go up against the Indy 500? If I only watch one IRL race a year, this is the one. Of course, I love the Monaco – screw CBS!

    Thanks to CBS (did I mention that I hate CBS?) I am watching live scoring on the formula1 site, which is not a good sub for a TV experience.

  2. It is not like Monaco is ever a great race – it is just a wonderful place to race. I hope to one day vacation in Monaco the weekend of a GP. My wife is onboard, but we do not have the $$$ lined up for that trip yet!

    It is hard to get a real feel for the race watching the live timing and a few comments. I can see who is going fast and who is slowing up the pack (Barrichello), but this is not a good replacement for a live race.

    Hope Raikkonen can force Alonso into a mistake (or maybe somehow pass in the pits) … on lap 48 as I write this comment.

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