And Yet More Madden

I still haven’t created a franchise yet because the on field portion of the game is so interesting. This is the first Madden that requires you to scan the field and make realistic decisions about where to throw the ball. The hit button 4 and make a perfect pass to the reciever is gone under the QB vision model. Many times my team gets to the line of scrimmage, I survey the defense, see one on one coverage, and immediately switch my “cone” to that side (if necessary) after the snap to hit the receiver. I didn’t have to worry about any of this stuff in other Madden versions.

I actually learned how to throw the ball away in Madden NFL 06 because forcing the pass to double covered receivers is a fast way to an interception.

Yesterday, Geoff and I played about three quarters of a 12 minute All Pro game. It’s clear that we both have to work on passing because many of the turnovers were created by our still in progress learning curve with the vision system. Otherwise, the game was pretty exciting and produced reasonable statistics. The running game was as effective as you’d expect and the passing game worked very nicely. Play action passes are very effective when mixed with a good running attack. Geoff burned my team on a blitz and threw a 40 yard bomb into single coverage for a touchdown.

Some people are complaining that the game is “too slow” on the field. I agree that on some running plays the end of the play seems to be moving in quicksand at times. Otherwise, it looks just fine to me. I’ve watched many, many football games live and until I moved to Texas, was a Jacksonville Jaguars season ticket holder. Maybe those used to the quick pace of some of the arcade games are noticing this slow down, but I am not seeing it except where previously mentioned.

I’m no EA Sports fanboy, but I am having fun with Madden NFL 06 PC so far.


One thought on “And Yet More Madden”

  1. He omits the fact that he was killing me through 3 quarters Saturday and I had to leave for a picnic (does that qualify me as one of those online quitter dudez?)

    Revenge was exacted in a 20-0 return engagement on Sunday. However, the greater theme is that the passing engine/system is not forgiving of beginners and if you fall behind and are forced to put the ball up, bad things can happen.

    Additional comments in my post (to follow)

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