More Crazy 8

Five weeks ago, when Dale Earnhardt Jr. announced that he was leaving DEI, it was a big deal. Yesterday, when he announced that he was joining ranks with Jeff Gordon at Hendrick Motorsports, the world was stunned. Well, at least they were in this part of the country.

How big was Junior’s news. Not only was it front page worthy from the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, it was worth three articles on the front page. Think about it. Three articles about Junior, all above the fold; actually they went past the fold, taking up three-fourths of the front page. Now that is big news.

Those fans in Smiths, AL (less than 30 minutes from Columbus, GA) were howling like a cat in heat. Seriously, a couple of the Smiths folks interviewed by the paper were shocked that Junior “joined the enemy.” Ghastly, no? How could he? Why that double crossing SOB just teamed up with Gordon. His daddy must be rolling over in his grave.

This is some funny stuff to read, and perhaps more fun to write about. Troy Johnson’s sports editorial was one of the front page stories:

“With all the confusion created by Wednesday’s announcement, there are legions of NASCAR fans today who have no idea who they’re supposed to hate.”

Now that Junior is with HMS, maybe he can switch from sponsoring Budwesier to Sweat Water 420. Hey, crazier things have happened. After all, Junior is now sleeping with the enemy. Something like that.

Speaking of crazy, before I forget; kudos to Chris for two (count them two) posts in one week. Shocking stuff. I guess the world is going to hell in a hand-basket.


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