To Plus?

So PlayStation Plus is now available and the $50 question is should I Plus? There was a point in time when I would have said hell no to a subscription service. There was also a point in time where I would have picked it up right away just to be part of the experience (and write a review).

I am leaning towards throwing $50 to the service for several reasons. I really only game on the PS3 (and occasionally on the PSP) so it is not as if I having competing gaming interests. I like the idea of discounts. I also like the concept of automatic download of firmware and software updates; no idea why this would not be offered as a standard service instead of a premium.

“Automatic Download: Subscribers will be able to set their PS3 to wake up from standby at any time of the day or night, download and install any game updates for the games you have been playing so you don’t have to think about it. Also, select demos and videos will be pushed to your PS3 ready to go. System software updates will also download automatically (manual install still required) and then the PS3 will turn itself off again.”

Finally, any additional PSP content is a bonus.

“PlayStation Plus is for PS3 owners as subscribership can only be purchased on the PSN Store. However, some of the content – minis and PS One Classics – available each month will also be playable on your PSP if you have one. Download them on the PS3 and transfer to your PSP, or download directly from the PSP Store or Media Go for PSP.”

So should I Plus? PlayStation LifeStyle posted an article that you will come out ahead with Plus. With that type of value, how can I afford not to buy Plus?


2 thoughts on “To Plus?”

  1. Well since I never bought anything on PSN, I’m not going to look at this.

    There are so many things they could improve with PSN but they seem to be working on Home (and useless stuff there like dressing up your avatars and buying virtual furniture for your virtual apt.) or now, trying to extract some money for what appear to be non-essential features.

  2. I have never used Home; not once … not even to check it out. Maybe one of these days. May the Good Lord help me if I start purchasing virtual stuff for my Home space and avatar!

    I decided to purchase Plus last night. I do not really have money to burn, but I did it anyway. Hopefully it gives me something interesting and useful to write about. Or if it is not so useful, I will also go in that direction.

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