World of Warcraft Revisited

I decided to put Battlefield 2 on the backburner for now. The game looks fantastic and many friends are enjoying it, but there is a steep learning curve. That is, if you want to play the game correctly and not be one of the kool dudez that frequent such games. Ive grown much less tolerant of the dudez as I get older.

My main gaming time (other than Out of the Park 6) is spent with my old friend World of Warcraft. A couple of things renewed my interest. First, my 6800GT runs liquid smooth with all of the graphics settings on high and at 1600×1200. Now, WoW isnt exactly state of the art graphics, but they maximize whats in the game. The fun part is that I can now see folks galloping down the trail far ahead of me, instead of having them appear as ghosts because my old graphics card only allowed shorter distances to be seen. I fly around and can see beasts and creators below me. Everything just looks better post-6800GT.

Secondly, big changes are coming to the hunter class in the next WoW patch. Version 1.7 tweaks the talent trees and adds all sorts of fun things for pets to learn. My level 50 Tauren hunter should benefit greatly from a re-do of his talent tree. I only play PVE (player versus environment) and not PVP (player versus player). Ive soloed to this point in WoW, dont belong to a guild, and am a little concerned that the closer I get to the level cap at 60, the fewer things there will be for the solo-player to do.

So Ive started looking at Guild Wars to take up my time once I get toward level 60 in WoW. From all reports, its a more solo-friendly game in the sense that there are henchmen robots that can be fired to do quests with you. I just dont have time to manage human relationships with WoW and play it. So one had to go. Guild Wars may be a nice compromise, and there is no monthly online fee.

Ill keep you posted


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