Great Days for Music Fans

I finally purchased and listened to Green Day’s “American Idiot.” I was nearly brought to tears listening to Jesus of Suburbia. What an awesome collection of songs! The only other album that had a similar emotional impact in the post-2000 music era was the White Stripes “Elephant” and that album brought me back to the music scene that I thought was dead and gone. Who knew Green Day had such an effort in them? Seems they aged a bit and became fine wine. One of the few albums where there really isnt a bad song on the disc.

I hope there’s a boxed DVD set of Live 8 available soon. Everyone is chatting about the performances and I didn’t get to see any of it.


4 thoughts on “Great Days for Music Fans”

  1. Yeah I wasn’t particularly a big GD fan but this is a good album.

    That song is like 9 minutes so it beats listening to what appears to be a shorter version on the radio.

    I meant to check out Live 8 but missed it. It is special, knowing that all over the world, there were concerts going on at the same time, or at least the same day, for a lofty if maybe unattainable cause.

  2. I bought this CD back in December and only took the shrink wrap off in mid-June. I too was blown away. Jesus of Suburbia owns the CD, but damn, the whole thing is great once you dig into the lyrics. Letterbomb is climbing the charts for me right now.

    So tell me, what you think. In She’s a Rebel, the she (referred to in that track as Whatsername at one point), is it Lady Liberty? The lyrics seem to click with that in mind, but it doesn’t fit as well in the final track, which is actually called Whatsername.

  3. Todd, I have no idea who ‘she’ really is … maybe Chris or someone else will hazard a guess.

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