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One of the casualties of my move to Texas was my Kenmore Elite gas grill. Now that I am in the land of BEEF, I somehow feel inadequate that I can’t fire up a grill every weekend. With the July 4th weekend coming up, this is a great time to see all of the big home and garden warehouses strut their stuff. There were grills inside Home Depot/Lowes, grills outside, flashy brochures, and a nice 10% discount at each for folks new to the area.

So how did I end up purchasing my Weber Genesis Gold C gas grill at you may ask?

In some ways I am like Jonathan and all of you lemmings that bought iPods – there sometimes is that “sexiness” that drives a purchase. Yes, I know that other companies make great grills. But, there’s nothing like a good old Weber gas grill. They have the same iPod-like cult following, great customer service, and exceptional warranties. I learned all of this the hard way when I strayed from the Weber-fold with my Kenmore grill.

The great deal at is they are charging one cent for shipping on Weber grills. I originally wanted the Genesis Gold B grill that doesn’t have a side burner and costs $599. So with shipping and tax, this cost me $599.01, almost the same price (with tax) for the Genesis Silver at Home Depot. The bad news is that the grill is out of stock.

There are a number of “partner” companies that the grill can be ordered through, but they were charging anywhere from $80 to $178 for shipping. I decided to look at the higher priced Genesis Gold C because had this model in stock. So, $649.01 for the Genesis Gold C, or close to $700 for the Gold B. Hmmm, what to do, what to do….

Now I could have waited for the Gold B, but the scheduled arrival was in August. I bit the bullet – which means presented my quandry to my lovely wife – and she agreed to approve my new plan.

Grill ships on Friday and will arrive on July 1st. Life is good!


4 thoughts on “Nice Deal”

  1. I’m not a big barbecuer and I try to cut down on red meat.

    But I really don’t see the appeal of gas grills. My folks moved into a home with a gas hookup in the patio so they bought a gas grill. I think it’s a Weber.

    Anyways, it just doesn’t seem to get as hot as a good old Hibachi. And probably, the ashes I tried to prevent from getting on the meat when I was a kid, added something to the flavor that you just don’t get on a gas grill.

  2. I can do some pretty nice things on a gas grill or charcoal. But it is much more convienant to use my gas grill. And I cook all sorts of food on the grill – meat, fish, seafood, vegatbles, etc. Charcoal is just too time consuming for certain tasks. Unless we’re talking about using specific types of wood to cook with, I don’t think there’s much of a taste difference.

    As they say, with gas grilling it’s all about the wrists!

  3. "In some ways I am like Jonathan and all of you lemmings that bought iPods – there sometimes is that "sexiness" that drives a purchase." – and that is why you write for the Bin. :)

    I picked up a Aussie Kanga open grill a few years ago; partly because I was interested in something different, and partly because I thought it would look cool. I really like it, but I would much rather have something with a cover.

    Now that I am getting ready to renovate my grandmother’s house, I plan to keep the Kanga *and* add something else – maybe a Weber. Please make sure you post the how it works out for you.

  4. Will do. By the way, a great book on grilling is Weber’s Big Book of Grilling. It is for all types of grills and isn’t brand specific. There are some great recipies and advice about grilling. Costs about $16 or $17 and is worh every penny.

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