Gran Turismo 4 – Almost Home

It is hard to believe, but Gran Turismo 4 is almost here. The question is “Will any one care?” I am sure that GT4 will be picked up by a ton of gamers, but the release is almost anti-climatic. Gamers have been waiting for this title for a long (very long) time. A lack of online racing is going to piss off many a gamers, and no improvements to the racing AI and the lack of more CPU AI cars per race is going to dampen my parade.

Oh well, says the game is coming

“We are writing to let you know that we have changed the projected ship date for Gran Turismo 4 to 2/22/2005.”

Hopefully GT4 is not just GT3 with more cars and better graphics. We already got that with GT2 and GT3. I know I will invest some time and energy in the game, but not nearly as much as GT1 or GT3 – graphical updates are not really my favorite flavor of the day.


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