Former Staffers Now Bloggers

Webdanzer is now a blogger at Webdanzer’s Spin and Ted Leiker (i.e. Grantofan) has gone blogging with Granatofan’s Corner. I wish them both the best of success and look forward to reading the creativity that flows from their new-found homes.

Now we wait to see if Adam and Kevin join the party with a blog of their own, join another site, start up something fresh, remain low-key, or something else equally exciting.


3 thoughts on “Former Staffers Now Bloggers”

  1. I’m hoping everyone gets a presence back online somewhere.

    I do miss the informal conversation space of the old forums, though. Maybe I’ll look into a messageboard service somewhere.

    The Spin link you posted doesn’t work, but thanks for the shout out anyway! Game related stuff coming there soon, I fixed my Xbox!!!!


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