PS3 Slim Shortages

Based on the way the original PS3 stumbled out of the gates, I never expected to see this day come, this deep into the systems lifecycle. I think the Slim has been with us since fall 2009, yet they continue to be in short supply.

At this point there should not be any shortages unless Sony is creating artificial demand or unless they are about to do a system refresh of the Slim. There have been some recent rumors that Sony may have found some manufacturing efficiencies that would further cut costs. Maybe that is what we are seeing as Sony attempts to clear out the current batch of Slim systems.

I have written a couple of times about Amazon quickly selling out of their “Father’s Day” bundle. I checked this morning to see if anything else was available and noticed that this bundle is selling for $539-550 from third-party suppliers. $200+ profit is in line with system launch shortages and is pretty damn impressive.

This will be worth watching to see how it plays out next week during E3 and over the summer. I think I am committed to getting a Slim, so a few more of these types of posts are forthcoming. You have been warned.


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