Willis McGahee – JA, Ignorant, or Just Plain Stupid?

Is Willis McGahee a jackass, ignorant, or just stupid? In this “what have you done for me lately” society, McGahee has yet to do jack-crap. The Buffalo Bills drafted McGahee 23rd overall in the 2003 draft despite have a messed up knee. The Bills pulled the string anyway, and rehabbed McGahee, and now the dumbass demands to be traded? McGahee, what have you done for me lately?

Maybe McGahee is ignorant. Maybe he does not realize that the Bill’s current starting running back, Travis Henry, rushed for 1,438 rushing yards (4.4 yds/rush) in 2002, and in 2003 rushed for 1,356 yards (4.1 yds/rush). What did McGahee rush for last year? Oh yeah, he was rehabbing his bum knee.

In McGahee’s first preseason game against Denver he had 58 yards on 13 carries (4.5 yds/rush), which was pretty good, but not “I should be the starter or else” good. Sure the TD was nice, but this is the preseason – don’t go getting excited.

This weekend McGahee managed another TD, but only scampered for 28 yards on 11 carries good for a paltry 2.5 yds/rush – ouch! “Look at me, look at me! I am special, I am a star!” What a jackass!

Personally I think McGahee must be stupid – I have yet to see him do any damage control despite some reported PR type BS coming out of the Bill’s front office. McGahee may one day be a star, but for now he should just be thankful someone rehabbed his knee. McGahee should also shut the f-up and do something on the field, when the games actually count, before making his next trade demand.

Jackass, ignorant, or plain stupid? You make the call.


5 thoughts on “Willis McGahee – JA, Ignorant, or Just Plain Stupid?”

  1. LOL – since I am no longer running much of an "official" sort of site, I can be a little more open an honest. :)

    Kind of the opposite of my new manager status at work, where I have to be a kinder, gentler, type person.

    Not that I was not honest before, but I have not been on my high horse for a while; now that I am in the saddle, look out! :)

  2. I love the smell of vitriol in the morning! I like the "new, uncensored" J. Calvert- just don’t get sucked totally into the negativity vortex, ’cause you might end up like Sports Reviewers!!

  3. I doubt I will ever run a site like Sports Reviewers, despite the increased vitriol. Every once in a while you just have to get some things off your chest.

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