Hackers Still Suck!

This is rather ironic, but my new site has been the innocent bystander of a recent hack attack of another php Nuke site on this server. The end result is that I lost all my work from yesterday; new blog, new mods, and all my posts!

A word of advice for would be webmasters – php Nuke is an unbelievably unsecured script. If you are a using php Nuke, or thinking about using php Nuke, make sure you have the latest version (7.2 or 7.3) and multiple security scripts such as fortress, admin secure, admin tap, union tap, and others.

The lesson I have learned is that I need to setup a cron job to do backups and exports!

Hackers suck. Bloody f’ing bas*ar*%! One of the reasons I pulled down the previous incarnation of Calvert Games was that I was sick and tired or worrying about maintaining (and securing) my site. Of course those of you who read the site yesterday already knew this was one of the reasons for giving up the ghost. Now that post is lost, so I will have to be creative and come up with a cleaver replacement. [sigh]

The previous hack attacks were truly draining. That and I laid out some duckets to pay a Unix admin to help secure the site. And now my new site was blow away because of a hack attack on another php Nuke based site. Hackers are evil – that much is certain; evil and malicious.


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