Dawgs Hobnail Boot Moment …

Awful sports day for me, with my 1A (Georgia – my first love) and 1B (Texas – my mistress; I’m a native Texan) both going down. Texas was completely and utterly (and how about absolutely) shellacked by the Cowboys of Oklahoma St.

Things actually looked just as awful for Georgia, except that they did manage to come from 20 points behind in the fourth quarter, only to have their very own hobnail boot moment. Unlike the Longhorns, the Dawgs showed some pride and an unwillingness to give up.

I can’t imagine what short of description would have come from Larry Munson’s pipes after Auburn’s miracle play.

Unlike Georgia stomping a hobnail boot on Tennessee with a well-executed goal line play, Auburn was lucky, simple as that, but sometimes you need to be lucky instead of good. I find it a little disingenuous that Greg Ostendorf didn’t describe it as such:

“It was a play for the ages. Marshall launched it about 50 yards in the air, and it look destined to be an interception. However, it was tipped by one of the two Georgia defenders who were in the vicinity, and Louis snuck past them, caught the tipped ball and ran into the end zone.”

100% agree that it was a play for the ages, but Louis was damn lucky. Period. A much better description of the play can be found at the AJC:

“Though wide receiver Ricardo Louis was well-covered by Josh Harvey-Clemons and Tray Matthews, the two safeties both reached for the ball at the same time. The ball deflected off Harvey-Clemons’ hands — Matthews appeared in position to intercept it — and over Matthews’ head. Louis continued down the field and, as Georgia’s defensive backs fell to the ground, he hauled in the deflected ball and ran untouched into the end zone for a 73-yard touchdown with 25 seconds remaining.”

Although Chip Towers covers the Bulldogs, his outline of the play points out the same miracle, but actually describes what happened. Lucky was good enough for the Tigers on this night, but I think they will need more than luck to Roll past the Tide …


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