The Night Before Greatness

Greatness awaits? Let’s hope. Thing #1 has been following Calvergames (and maybe my Google+ links), so word is out that the PS4 is incoming. Things #2 and #3 don’t realize that Greatness awaits.

Me? Baited breath. Waiting for UPS to update their site to show some movement for Doraville, Ga. Need For Speed Rivals has shipped and is due to arrive tomorrow. When was the last time a system launch provide 6+ titles day one? Assassins Creed, Killzone, Need For Speed, FIFA, Contrast and Resogun (via PS+). Sounds Shapes, Flower and Flow should also be available tomorrow or shortly thereafter.

Happy PS4 Day! Almost Here …


2 thoughts on “The Night Before Greatness”

  1. I got 3 games from Target for the Buy 2, Get 1 free deal but have really time for 1 or 2. Then there is Resogun and the free game you’re suppose to get every month.

    Madden got a bad review at IGN but the reviewer doesn’t have much credibility. I haven’t played Madden in a couple of years so I’m going to keep it anyways. Plus what are you going to do if you want to play NFL?

    FIFA should be interesting. I guess they’ll have a World Cup edition next year. Want to see if the US team gets Julian Green.

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