MLB 12 The Show PS3 + Vita Combo

I have been sitting on the fence about picking up MLB 12 The Show. Do I actually get one or both versions? If I go with one version, which one do I pick up? Living room pleasure or on the go bliss? There are advantages and disadvantage to either approach …

Of course I could opt out all together, and skip another year of MLB The Show. Why would I do that you ask? Because I know that I will play for a short while, and move onto something else. I suck that way; I’m an ADD gamer.

Or I could get both versions and “save” $20 in the process. Sony just announced their intentions to complete screw up my gaming budget; that is to say my allotment of free time budget.

If Amazon offers this deal, I think I will be all in. Release day shipping, plus “living room to anywhere outside my home MLB The Show action” just sounds like too good a deal to pass up. Not to mention that the trophies would stack.


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