Vita – PSOne Classics Incoming?

Could it be true? Soon after launch the Vita will receive PSOne compatibility?

I wonder if this will be a free patch or if Sony will try to earn a few duckets with some sort of DLC add-on via the PSN store? There will be mass rioting across the internet if Sony charges …

I have 25+ digital PSOne Classics, that I would love to port to my Vita. While many of the games are dated, the RPGs are fantastic, and some of the other gems (i.e. Twisted Metal 2, Crash Bandicoot, Destruction Derby) are fun pick up and play games. With my PS+ subscription, I continue to rack up access to PSOne Classics on a monthly basis, so in theory, the fun never stops.

Keeping my fingers crossed that the ability to play PSOne Classics, upscalled to take advantage of the Vita’s raw processing power, comes in the very near future, and of course for free.


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