Vita 11 Days And Counting …

With the Vita a mere 11 days away, for those receiving the “super special, I’ll pay extra to get it a week early” Launch Day Bundle, the anticipation is building.

Opinions are all over the map; the launch library is solid to above average, however the hardware has been received as sliced bread, with a high degree of skepticism over the hardware launch cost.

Me? I’m all in. In fact, I am on target for the Launch Day Bundle, and I still have a WiFi and a 3G/WiFi system on preorder with Amazon for good measure. $250-$350 will do that to a my wallet; I like options, but I am 99% leaning towards getting my WiFi/3G version early on February 15.

My preorder list is currently Lumines: Electronic Symphony, Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational, and Uncharted: Golden Abyss.
Of course Little Deviants, which is bundled with the system.

Lumines is just a fantastic puzzler. I’m not at all happy with the $39 price point, but I think it will be an overall good purchase. After all, I still play my PSP Lumines.

Hot Shots Golf? What’s not to like with this classic sports franchise? Plus it is going into the release window at the lower tier $29 price point.

Unchartered is the system seller; at least in the West. This should be a fantastic portable gaming experience. With that said the $49 price point is really ghastly. It downright sucks, and because Unchartered will throw up big numbers on sales charts, more publishers may get the itch to follow suit. Let’s hope not because I have no intention to flip $50 for a Vita game on a regular basis.

For good measure I also went with a 16GB memory card. This one was a tough pill to swallow, because the 3G/WiFi system was upgraded to include an 8GB card, while the Launch Day Bundle only includes a 4GB card. At any rate, before I digress too much, I went with the 16GB card because I was not willing to lay out $100 for the 32GB model, and an 8GB card seemed to offer minimal advantages over the bundled 4GB card.

The countdown is on to February 15. Happy Saturday!


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