FF XIII-2 (Rewarding FFF XIII Fans)

I love the concept of getting bonus goodies as a ‘reward’ of sorts for playing previous versions of a game. As long as the reward doesn’t cause game balance issues – either too powerful or you are shit out of luck because you didn’t play the previous installments.

PSB: Are there any special treats reserved for those who are holding on to their Final Fantasy XIII save files? Can you share any details on how that will work?

Toriyama-san: If you have any save files from XIII, they will be recognized upon the start of XIII-2, and you can get extras. Some of the bonuses include adornments for monsters that can be used in-game, and a bonus that can be obtained from the title screen. You don’t necessarily have to have save data of the finished game; you can still get something even if you’ve only played a little.

Cool concept. Now just have to actually find some time to watch, play, and finish FF XIII.


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