College Football (Missing Dad)

Only 29 more days until UGA kicks-offs the 2006 season (September 2 vs. Western Kentucky @ 12:30PM EST). The biggest question for Georgia fans has to be when will Matthew Stafford play? Of course there are a lot of other questions to answer, but I am not sure that Western Kentucky is the right opponent to see just how good (or bad) this year’s team actually looks.

The Western Kentucky/UGA game will be televised locally by Lincoln Financial Sports (formally Jefferson Pilot Sports Network). That got me to thinking that my dad used to hate JPS because their games often preempted the Big 12 Game of the Week on ABS. Heaven forbid if Texas was featured because dad always missed most of the first quarter (and sometimes more). Those JPS games were legendary for running past their allotted time, and often filled with silly post game stuff that just made the wait for the next game almost unbearable. Of course the same thing happened here; JPS always preempted the SEC Game of the Week on CBS, often causing UGA, Auburn, and Alabama fans in my area to scream in agony.

This is a great time of year for college football fans, and I am facing the realization that dad is no longer around to email tidbits about UGA, the SEC vs. Big 12, how the next great Texas recruiting class is looking, how much we hate Arkansas (the football team, not the state), if Texas can defend their title, the state of OU football, and so on.


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