Happy Thanksgiving

In the grand tradition of not eating turkey on Thanksgiving Day, I’m throwing some ribs and burgers on the grill, while the lovely and talented Ms. Calvert throws together all the wonderful Thanksgiving Day sides (dressing, sweat potato casserole, and a various assortment of other delicious homemade treats. Let’s not forget the corn – I’ll grill it of course – because everything tastes extra yummy over an open flame.

This is the 2nd time in 3 years (or is it 3 out of 4 – time passes quickly) we have gone nontraditional, which is kind of fun, and obviously a running joke. Two of my three boys will not eat turkey, two of the three will eat ham (although I think that is more of a Christmas or Easter treat); so what’s the point in doing the Turkey thing?

Pocahontas would happily do cartwheels in the nude for a seat at the Calvert’s Thanksgiving Day table, where a bountiful harvest of delicious treats will be on offer.

To you and yours, a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving Day.


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