Falcons New Stadium

The Falcons are one step closer to getting a new stadium. According to the AJC, it is possible that the new outdoor stadium could open as soon as 2017.

Both parties emphasized the memorandum does not constitute a done deal, but rather allows them to begin negotiations over details of the project, including financing.

But the Falcons have made it clear that they want a new open-air stadium, rejecting alternatives such as expanding the Georgia Dome, adding a retractable roof to the facility or building a new dome with a retractable roof.

A new stadium could open as soon as 2017, officials said, and would be built on a site just over a half-mile north of the Georgia Dome

It is all fun and games until Personal Seat Licenses come into the picture. Hopefully a new stadium will not put current season ticket holders (i.e. yours truly) on the outside looking in.

I can understand why the Falcons ownership and management wants a new stadium; PSLs, improved sales, better revenue streams, etc. I would rather have a retractable roof than a 100% open air stadium. It is possible from time to time that the weather will suck, but I guess I am a softie compared to the old Fulton County Stadium days.

Final comment, I cannot believe that the stadium Authority group would leave the GA Dome up after building a new stadium. I think they should raze it to the ground, and rebuild on that location, or turn it into a massive parking garage and tailgating location.


2 thoughts on “Falcons New Stadium”

  1. Georgia Dome can’t be that old?

    49ers are playing in a stadium built in the ’70s, which the Giants abandoned for their own stadium.

    A football stadium seems to go for $1 billion these days. 49ers plans look way more modest than the Cowboys stadium yet it’s estimated at $900 million plus, before the cost overruns.

    So Jerry had to charge some ridiculous prices for the concessions (I think I heard there were $60 pizzas?) and a big part of the crowd is watching the game on the big screen rather than looking at the field because they have to be so far away.

    Owners are citing the need to build new stadia as one of the reasons they want more concessions from the players — like over a trillion more share of the revenue pie compared to the current CBA.

    Yet when they build these new stadia, they are going to boost prices like crazy. So of course their CBA stance is BS. And I guess forcing 2 more regular season games will sell enough more tickets (since season ticket holders have to pay regular prices for preseason games, which they have to buy) to make it worth the additional injuries.

  2. The GA Dome was built in 1992. I remember seeing U2 (Zoo TV Tour) there in 1992 or 1993. Front row, corner center-stage … but that is a story for another day.

    It sounds like everyone involved is happy because the new stadium will only cost $750 million. Good grief.

    I agree on some of the CBA BS.

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