Dawgs Fall (SEC Week 2)

Bummer of a day for the Dawgs. The mighty Fighting Chickens from South Carolina got the better of Georgia on this day. Of course you can always play the “if only” or “what if” cards, but at the end of the day a loss is still a loss.

Of course A.J. Green was missed, but it is really hard to say that Green’s presence would have made a huge difference with an inexperienced Murray at QB. The game belonged to Marcus Lattimore; what a phenomenal performance (182 yards on 37 carries, with 2 TDs).

Next week UGA has a realistic chance of falling to 0-2 in the SEC at the hands of the piggies from Arkansas. Let’s hope the Dawgs figure some things out before Sooie comes calling.

No other real surprises in Week 2. Auburn escaped an improving Mississippi State squad. Florida eventually got chomping against South Florida. LSU easily dispatched Vanderbilt. Arkansas took care of business against inferior competition; same for the Wild Cats from Kentucky. Even Mississippi bounced back after a disastrous opening week.

Did anyone really expect Tennessee to show well over Oregon? I was debating if the Volunteers should be awarded the Calvert Games Shame of the Week, but they did hang close early on, so I guess the boys in Orange can hang their hat on some semi-sort of mini first half victory.

As expected, the Tide Rolled over the Nittany Lions. Yawn. I still do not understand why anyone made this one out to be a big deal, however I admit that I would rather see these types of match-ups along with the likes of Tennessee/Oregon, Miami/Ohio St., and Florida St./Oklahoma, then some of the opening weekend dribble that the SEC typically throws at us with their non conference cupcake schedule. Of course other conferences do the “easy dance” too, so I’ll shut up on the Alabama/Penn St. match-up.

Georgia (the state) had a miserable weekend with Georgia Tech falling to Kansas; on any other weekend I would love to gloat about, but alas I would rather the Bulldogs win than the Bumble Bees lose.

Thankfully one of my two teams did well. Texas started slow against those Wyoming Cowboys. So hook ‘em!

From a non-UGA perspective, it was a great weekend of college football. I just hope that Georgia can get back on track next weekend.

Go Dawgs!


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