Hold your thirst until Monday.

Or get your fill of beer on Saturday, because once again our backwards Georgia representatives have decided that thou shall not buy beer on Sunday. According to ajc.com, Sunday alcohol sales are not going to happen anytime soon.

“The sponsor of legislation allowing voters the chance to vote on Sunday alcohol sales at stores withdrew his bill when he realized he could not get it passed out of the Senate Regulated Industries Committee Wednesday.

The committee was supposed to vote on the bill Wednesday, but supporters knew by the time the meeting began that they wouldn’t have enough votes to pass it.

It marked the third consecutive year the bill to allow Sunday sales has stalled in the Senate.

Sen. Seth Harp (R-Midland), said he would bring the bill back up in the future and supporters hinted they would make it a campaign issue next year.”

Think I am alone in looking at the stupidity of prohibited Sunday alcohol sales? Look at the comments under the ajc article; in general, most reasonable folks agree that this stupid law has run its course.


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