Incoming. Slim.

After much ado about nothing, I decided to pick up a PS3 Slim system. I was kicking myself for missing out on the Amazon “Father’s Day” bundle, which included Little Big Planet: Game of the Year Edition (henceforth LBP:GOTYE) and an HDMI cable. Of the different bundles I found, this Amazon bundle had the best bang my gaming / entertainment dollar.

On a sudden impulse I decided to check out, which has several different PS3 250GB Slim system bundles ranging in price from $339 to $399. Each bundle is slightly different with different game choices, Blu-ray movies, and accessories.

I selected the $349 option which included a choice of two Greatest Hits titles. I decided on InFamous and LBP:GOTYE. I have been interested in both games, but have held back on a purchase due to, in no particular order: (A) not having the time or energy to invest in a new game (B) trying to save a little money (C) have plenty of other games in front of these two (D) knowing I would not get my money’s worth from either title.

I decide to go with a new PS3 because I know my original system will not last. All the research I did points towards another system failure, perhaps as soon four months. While the YLoD repair can be fairly easily accomplished, I do not have the fortitude to do the fix on a moment’s notice; as in the system failing right when we are ready for a Family Movie Night). During most gaming sessions the fan is whirling at 1000s of RPMs per second; sometimes at extremely loud and disconcerting speeds.

At least that is my excuse. I told Tonya that this would be my Father’s Day present – lucky me.

I have never ordered from; I had to pay a little more than I do for Amazon Prime shipping, and I have to pay for sales tax. Sucks. Things I do when I get a burr in my butt.


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