Gran Turismo 5? What to play while waiting?

I know that this is somewhat older news, but I figured I would touch on GT5 for a minute after reading the Nürburgring news at the Official-ish PS Blog.

Nürburgring is definitely a favorite among GT fans, and I’m excited to share with you that Gran Turismo 5 will feature its three courses: the Grand Prix course, the Nordschleife, and the Nürburgring 24 Hours course.

Who doesn’t want to do some GT style racing at Nürburgring? The problem is more along the lines of who is waiting for GT5? I guess most of the PS3 user base, but good grief, what a wait. GT5 better be something special or I have a feeling that it will get killed in the mass market gaming site reviews.

Some good news for simulation style racing fans is that GT5 should have a nice damage model since a NASCAR license is included. Then again, it’s the GT series we are talking about, so I have my doubts. I am sure I will jump in like I always do … I just think the GT series has lost some luster.

GT1 was ahead of its time. GT2 was a great sequel; more of the same, only better. GT3 was a nice PS2 graphical upgrade over its PlayStation counter parts; however it was really nothing special. I enjoyed GT4 and spent countless hours with it, including a boatload of playing time in my PS3. In my opinion, GT4 is the best game in the GT series. Too bad my youngest son cracked the game disk. GT HD Concept? What was the point? It was just a throw away demo to let us know that GT5 was in the works. I have gotten almost no value from Gran Turismo 5 Prologue; I cannot think of the last time I have given it a go. Maybe I will in the next few weeks just to remind myself why it goes unplayed.

More than anything else, I would like to see a GT/Daytona Prototype type game similar to Le Mans 24 Hours – great sense of speed, extremely long races (seriously, you could go 24 real life hours), and a grid of 18-24 cars (do not remember the specific number). I bet that is too much to ask, and is something better left for PC simulation racing. If it could be done on the Dreamcast and PS2 … well, it would seem like some publisher would be able to pick up a license on the cheap.

Before my PS3 died, I was getting some quality time with Ferrari Challenge. I know it is not a great game, but it provides me with a decent simulation experience and a decent racing challenge.

Over the last couple of days I spent some time with F1 Championship Edition. The Turkish GP inspired me, so I ran some Time Trail hot laps at Istanbul, and then Montreal in anticipation of next week’s Canadian GP. This game is great fun for me running hot laps.  It is hard for me that this 2007 release is still the only US F1 release. What a waste of a great license.


4 thoughts on “Gran Turismo 5? What to play while waiting?”

  1. They should be working on their second GT game for the PS3. But they’re delaying this to add 3D? I guess the GT HD demo helped sell some PS3s early on but that’s about it.

    I haven’t touched the PS3 in a couple of months. Probably should sell my FIFA 10 but haven’t been interested enough in the WC edition.

    Madden, the promo is tempting but I’m kind of holding off to see what features they add. If they add multiplayer online, I might give it a go. Otherwise, I don’t know, I got rid of Madden 10 after a month last year and only got it because Amazon had an even better preorder deal than the $20 credit.

    I am fed up with EA’s inertia and they have killed all innovation (as well as competition) in the NFL football genre. I may give BackBreaker a go, if nothing else than in the hope that it does well enough to keep going. Then just maybe, EA will look into a real physics engine and trying to address decades-old problems like suction blocking, if not for current gen, then next-gen.

    But even though they sell millions of copies of Madden and games like FIFA, they’re being tight-fisted so it doesn’t seem likely that they will make major investments to re-write major portions of the game, to modernize it. Arguably, they’re using the same tech that they originally developed for the PS2’s 3D engine and just upping the resolution.

  2. I had fun with Madden 10 – really the first time in a while I played it past the Super Bowl. I agree with you that EA needs some competition to force some innovation.

    FIFA – Have not played that much either, then again my PS3 died and before that I took a little gaming break. As we get ever so close to the U.S./England game, I bet FIFA 10 will see some action. I just did not see the point in a mid-year upgrade to the World Cup version when I know that FIFA 11 will be out this fall.

    I would just like a good console racing game. I keep thinking about trying iRacing, but right now I really do not have a place to set up a gaming rig with a large TV/monitor and wheel. It is probably the way for me to go. Maybe one day.

  3. Just sold FIFA.

    If I can find the WC edition for a reasonable price, will get it.

    There’s some speculation that Madden 11 will have 3 on 3 online mode. That might be worth checking out, although the mechanics of multiplayer gameplay could be complicated since Madden has been primarily a singleplayer experience.

    Other thing to check out is something like God of War 3.

  4. wco81 – I have thought about GoW:III but know I will probably not get my money’s worth from the game; just not so good at this type of button mashing experience. Amazon has it for $39.99 plus you get a $10 credit towards a future video game purchase. Not a bad deal …

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