Atlanta Gets Their LB – Weatherspoon

The 19th pick was rather anticlimactic; it was a safe choice, allowing the Falcons to have a linebacking tandem of Sean Weatherspoon (Missouri) and Curtis Loften for (hopefully) years to come.

“We really felt that a cover-type linebacker, who has speed and flies around the football, was in our best interest,” Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff said. “We got the guy we were targeting all along.”

Weatherspoon, who led the Tigers in tackles over the past three seasons, is considered an outside linebacker.

The Falcons believe that Weatherspoon can help them in pass coverage. Weatherspoon played in the Big 12 and faced a lot of pass-happy spread offenses. His coverage skills are solid. []

So much for surprises out of the ATL; in fact the 2010 draft outside of the Falcons was anything other than predictable. I would have to say it was one of the most interesting drafts in recent memory.

I don’t have a lot of time to go into an in-depth analysis, but WTF was Denver thinking? In the last couple of years they have traded away a young proven QB and a star WR; both needed an attitude adjustment. So they march into this year’s draft and in the 1st round take a project QB and a WR that while talented, played in a wishbone offense. I just don’t get the strategy.

I really like what the Lions did – they made it out of the 1st round with potential impact players on both sides of the ball. I think Seattle, Cleveland, and of course the Raiders all reached. As long as Buffalo’s Spiller does not become New Orleans’ Bush, that may turn out to be a great pick, however I do not understand why the Bills did not go QB.

Speaking of QBs, last night’s draft spoke volumes about the perceived quality of this year’s crop. Really a damning indictment. There may be some interesting maneuvering in the 2nd round later today as Buffalo or Oakland attempts to jump in front of Cleveland or Minnesota. All four need QBs of the future, right?

Closing out with the Falcons, I assume Atlanta will stand down in the 2nd round; they traded this year’s pick to Kansas City for Gonzalez and there really is not a compelling need for Atlanta to try to jump back into tonight’s opening round. The Falcons are sitting on two 3rd round picks – 19 (83 overall) and 34 (98 overall). Those picks should be enough to find d-line and o-line help, assuming they go in that direction, or perhaps find another WR or even HB for Ryan to utilize.


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