Snapper Time

Hey, it’s not what you’re thinking. Well, probably not unless you were expecting an article on the spring mowing season.

Last November my Toro (20037) Super Recycler 21” 6.5hp Personal Pace mower bit the dust. I purchased this puppy back in May 2003 for just under $530 (including tax). It was relatively trouble free, except for the occasional oil change, new air filter, and blade sharpening, however over the last couple of years it was clear the motor was just not running as well, the mulching power was just not the same, and multiple trips for extra tuning did not restore the luster. Then the throttle line snapped. Finally, the Toro called it a day when I cracked the crankshaft by running over a metal stake in the backyard.

At first I was distraught; it was a good mower, but its time was drawing to a close. If you figure that the Toro only cost me $6.78 a month (78 months of service), the Toro did a pretty damn good job. Add in the regular service, tune ups, and throttle line repair, my trusty little Super Recycler set me back a meet $10.25 a month, which one again is pretty damn good by my standards.

When I laid down $500+ on the Toro, I was expecting to get at least 8 years of service, so by that benchmark the Toro was disappointing. As I said, I put it to a premature death, however regardless of my actions I think it was heading towards failure before this season was out.

Snapper SPV21675E
After much research I settled on a Snapper. I wanted one of the commercial grade Snappers in the local hardware shop where I purchased my Toro. Ninja mulching, hi-vac … all the commercial models sounded enticing! In the end I could not justify spending $600+ for a commercial grade mower for my yard, so I ended up going for one of Snapper’s residential SE model mowers.

Snapper 7800417 SE Series SPV21675E 21-Inch Briggs & Stratton 190cc 675 Series Mulching/Side Discharge/Bagging RWD Self Propelled Lawn Mower With Variable Speed, Electric Start & Single Level Height Adjustment #37123

I love Amazon and their Prime service. For a click under $430 I will have a new Snapper SPV2167E this Tuesday. I mostly mulch with occasional bagging; hopefully this Snapper will hold up past the Toro Super Recycler 78 month mark, and maintain a cheaper maintenance price per month.


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