Daily Dose of WKC:I Bashing

The poor scores continue to roll in, but does the game really suck? Maybe I am blissfully ignorant since I have not spent 20+ hours in the single player game, experienced the typically cesspool of online gaming, and explored the joys and frustrations of Georama. Maybe that is why I do not get the 2.5/5 awarded by RPGamer.

The one area of the game where players can actually take full advantage of their avatar is in the game’s online questing mode … These online quests can be played with other players, but the whole process to do this is very disconnected. If players have friends at the ready to play, the process can be rather entertaining, very MMO-lite, as the team ventures around an area to complete a quest within a set amount of time. Players attempting to jump into others’ quests or those waiting for players to join them will find varying degrees of enjoyment. Sadly, out of the game’s fifty or so quests, most are just harder versions of the same quest, so the variety is quite limited. Online questing is a nice addition that I have trouble complaining about, considering it is not the sole focus of the game, but it is far from efficient.

I have no quarrel with the review – as is typical of RPGamer reviews, this one is well written and informative. The combat system is different; you spend a lot of time watching your combat charge meter to come full circle before you get to execute your attack. While it may not be your typical FF offering or Zelda based combat system, I don’t think it’s completely broken.

Maybe the game would rate higher if it included some nice boobies to entertain reviewers while waiting for their next opportunity to button mash. Maybe we can look forward to an innovative “watch T&A while you wait” combat system in WKC2.

I am probably not being fair, which is the reason I keep saying that I am really not very far along. If I had put in hours of watching and waiting, maybe I would also be sick of the combat system.

I’ll keep plugging along and providing a comment or two because this game will go in the discount bin, and most gamers will appreciate a contrarian view.


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