Coaches Say Ohio State Tops for 2006

Looks like Texas, ranked #2, still has lots of respect even without an established replacement for Vince Young. The 2006 USA Today Preseason Coaches’ Poll has Ohio St ranked in the top spot. SEC notables are Auburn #6, Florida #8, LSU #9, Georgia #14, Tennessee #23, and Alabama #24.

I am not sure there are any real surprises other than West Virginia #7 yes they beat UGA in the Sugar Bowl last year (and I am still bitter), but they do not have much competition, and I just do not see them being a legitimate Top 10 team. California and Louisville are not Top 15 teams; at least not at this point. I also think it is too soon to give the Dawgs a #14 ranking, and Alabama should be much better than their #24 ranking indications.

Oh course it is all speculation, hype, and anticipation at this point. The reality is that I have never seen much point in preseason rankings, other than giving college football fans something to debate in the final days before kickoff.


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