FIFA 10 Ultimate Team

I missed out on last year’s FIFA, so my first experience with Ultimate Team was with Madden 10. I am so in love with MUT that I am really looking forward to FIFA UT, but it does suck that it is being offered as pay to play.

Test your skills as a player and manager to claim global football supremacy with FIFA 10 Ultimate Team, available to purchase for 400 Microsoft points or $4.99 as a download via Xbox LIVE and the PlayStation Network to FIFA 10 beginning this February, 2010. FIFA 10 and an internet connection is required for play.

I have not played FIFA 10 in months, but I am sure I will open it up this weekend to start getting familiar with the controls, play style, etc. I want to be able to hit the pitch running when UT is released in (hopefully) a few days.

U.S. Soccer Stars in the News …
It looks like Charlie Davies is on his way to making it back to the pitch in April, and hopefully to help Team U.S. to glory in this year’s World Cup.

In another bit of good news, Landon Donovan, currently on loan to Everton, picked up his first Premier League goal. It is always nice to see our boys doing well!


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