Braves take a chance on Glaus

While the pending signing of Troy Glaus is old news, he finally passed his physical, agreed to terms, and made his 1 year, $1.75 million contract official.

Glaus can make up to $2.25 million in incentives in 2010 that are tied to staying off the disabled list and in the lineup, including a $250,000 bonus if he’s on the roster 100 days. The rest of the incentives are triggered by plate appearances — $350,000 each for 400, 450 and 500 PAs, $400,000 for 550, and $550,000 for 600.

Glaus will play 1B, and most likely bat in the 4th spot between Chipper and McCann. The Braves continue to build their roster, attempting to save a nickel, by signing older, possibly injury prone players. Seems a tad bit risky to me, but if Glaus stays healthy, makes a decent transition to 1B, he could be good for 25+ HRs, which would make the middle of the order extremely potent.


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