All is quiet on the videogame front.

My PS3 has not been getting much of a workout of late; except for playing the occasional Blu-ray (watched X-Men 1 last weekend), the PS3 is off most of these days. It is not as if I have nothing to play – FIFA 10 and Madden 10 should get plenty of sports time with Ferrari Challenge getting my racing pleasure on, but things have just not worked out that way.

I also have Demon’s Souls just sitting around (no guidebook cover problem if you do not use the damn thing) and Dragon Age: Origins is a possibility, although the latter is technically being saved for Christmas. One of these days I could actually jump back into Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, which is a splendid game, but much like the rest of my collection, it is gathering dust.

Usually I am looking forward to some upcoming release. I have no idea what is next, what the next “it” game happens to be, which videogame magazines are pimping reviews. It is kind of an awkward time for me as a gamer. My free time is focused on other interests, but as I wrote several months ago, these days video gaming is sort of a season hobby. There are only two Falcons home games left, of course the upcoming Bowls and NFL Playoffs, and then the weather will turn nasty. Well, as nasty as it manages to get in Columbus, GA.

As we head into the Christmas season, maybe a couple of days off here and there will motivate me to jump back into some of these games, but for now it is not even fair to call video gaming a hobby. My how times have changed!


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